Uncommon Folk


a group or category of individuals who break boundaries and defy societal norms. A new breed of creative business folk who see beyond the societal constraints of work & living, and carve their own version of success. Oh, and they are over the usual business bulls**t & are ready for a fresh take on success.

It's time to break free from the societal blueprint & carve a life on your own terms

Picture this:

It’s early morning, the sun paints a warm glow through your window as you sit at your desk, with a new kind of energy fuelled by passion and purpose. 


You’re not just going through the motions; you’re creating, and building a life that resonates with your soul. This is the essence of Uncommon Folk.

The no-bull business school for free folk


Our mission is clear: to provide unwavering support and no-bull business guidance to help you scale your creative ventures while embracing a life beyond the traditional 9-5.

But, it’s not easy. Taking a creative vision to an established business can feel confusing with all the noise & misinformation. So we’re ditching the fluff and the empty promises. We’re about real-world lived knowledge and authentic connections on what it really takes to scale a brand and a free way of living.

Step into a good vibes gang of endless summer seekers & dream doers


Here, we’re not just a brand – we’re a global community of a new breed of business folk who refuse to settle for mediocrity. 

We’re united by our shared desire to rewrite the narrative on what it means to carve a creative career. No more conforming to outdated norms or sacrificing our passions for the sake of conformity. It’s time to blaze our own trails and redefine success on our terms.

In a world full of followers, you’re stepping into your gang who are ready to do things differently.

Empowering you to reach your own version of success


Success is not one-size-fits-all.

That’s why we’re here to help you carve a business that aligns with your own vision of success. We can get brainwashed by 10k months, and huge teams, that we either forget why we started, or we simply feel like we’re failing if we don’t reach fake ideals. 

Whether it’s making a meaningful impact, or simply living life on your own terms (whilst achieving financial freedom to your own markers) – we’re dedicated to helping you get there.

Yearning for more than the corporate 9-5


We started Uncommon Folk with a vision: to empower creative founders and freelancers to break free from the confines of the 9-5 and craft lives of true freedom and fulfilment. 


We’ve been where you are –yearning for something more, something beyond the robot-esque societal blueprint, something that ignites our creativity and sets our souls on fire.

We know the corporate life is not for you. Because it’s not for us either. We felt like we were completely alone in this need for something more. We knew we wanted to do our own thing, but the business world was looking bleak too. A wash of gender stereotype – girl-boss-esque – or crypto bros just wanting cash whatever the cost. 

We knew there must be more folk like us, who want to build something that leads with purpose, without the cliches. And that’s when Uncommon Folk was born.

It's probably time I said hello


I know there is always pressure in these little ‘About’ boxes to go into some corporate spiel, but as you may have already guessed, that’s really not what I am about.


The corporate life is not for me.


It’s not that I’m not down for hard work (far from it, I’m a recovering people-who goes beyond the realms of work) – but I’m not down for a trapped way of life. A 40+ year slog of zero creative autonomy. Permission to live any form of life. Permission to take 3 seconds longer on lunch. Permission to actually do the work I wanted to do. The corporate “tag” has been on my ankle for many periods and I yearned for the last day I ripped it off.


I know you’re the same. And you’re the reason I’m so passionate about all this.


You hold an inspiring, unique talent or purpose that has the power to create real ripples of change. And in a society that has made you feel alone in your vision beyond the 9-5, you’re really not. I’m here to bring a community together that becomes a movement. Helping change the outdated narratives that creatives are simply dreamers and show them that they are the change.

I will always be centered and only deliver real-world knowledge and simple foundations so you can scale not only a business – but a wild life on your own terms. Without a whiff of bull or oversold promises in sight.

Make sure you drop me a message- I’m always down to connect with likeminded folk ✌️ 

My CV “Credentials”

With a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology followed by a top up Digital Marketing degree I am all about creative marketing strategy and what makes people “buy” and engage. Gimme some juicy data and a creative brainstorming session and I AM YOURS.

I also have 12+ years experience in marketing & events under my belt in roles ranging from managing wedding venues to running event series at business schools. 

My endless scroll

Sobs immediately at any TikTok of an old dog. Currently pinning mid-century modern interior inspo. All over travel shorts to conjure up a new “bucket list” of destinations after ticking all my 20’s desto’s off my list. And forver seeking advice on how to reduce my snacking habit.

Top tier business loves

Automations. Marketing strategy. Creative brainstorming. Forever geeking out on strategies and funnels so come at me with that chat.