A little bit about us folk...

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We’re here for the ride

We celebrate and elevate creative founders & freelancers who are breaking traditional career norms & taking the uncommon path.


We understand it’s one helluva ride.


So we’ll unite you with your people; be honest about the raw realities of the ride; & give you the resource to scale your unique venture so you can carve a life on your own terms. 


All without the usual business bulls**t


We’re for those who are carving their own path

 Uncommon Folk are creative & lifestyle founders/freelancers/brand builders/authentic thinker {delete appropriate} who are captivated by purpose & led by a free way of life.


You see things differently. You see beyond the 9-5, and are carving your own unique, uncommon path.




For those who are more than a 9-5 


We’re changing the narrative

Our purpose is to change the narrative on outdated, traditional career paths.


We are here to show that you CAN succeed on a creative route, you CAN build a life on your own terms, and you CAN do good for people & the planet along the way. 


Our mission is to ensure everyone, who wishes to take the uncommon path, has the ability thrive as a creative & live a life on their own terms.  


Here’s how….



A note from Kimberly

Hey, I’m Kimberly, digital marketer & the one behind all this.


Thanks so much for hanging out over here. If you made it this far, I’m going to assume you’re a creative founder looking for more than the standard “business” communities out there.


I hear you.


When I was searching for likeminded (laid back yet hard working, lifestyle-led creative types) I was quickly hit with a barrage of cliches. From boss babes to 10k months, it was all pretty bleak.


That’s when Uncommon Folk joined this world (well, we started as Create Co. but soon wanted a name that reflected our bold community). I’m passionate about providing a space for you to grow & scale on your own terms. With people just like you here for you every step of the way.


If you’ve just started on the ride, or you’re well on your way, welcome. I genuinely love have you here. Please do drop me a line & let me know what you’re all about. I always want to know how we can help your ride.

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