S1. E.4 : Angela Chick Illustrations

How spreading joy can lead to global business success

About Angela Chick Illustrations

Angela is one of the lucky ones that has always followed creative career path, having landed a job straight out of studying as an Artist in Residence at a Nursery (we know right, if you didn’t run a business this would be the next best thing).


In this podcast we hear about how Angela left this job in 2012 to carve her own path, and hasn’t looked back since. Well, as you’ll hear, a massive lesson learnt very early on could have ended the dream for most people. But, as you’ll soon learn that Angela has this exceptional inner strength, self proclaimed stubbornness, and we think, natural ability to succeed which meant she overcame a hurdle that would have crumbled most (and offers valuable advice to those starting out so they can avoid it!).


Angela has seen huge success with her illustrations and design work – if you check them out, you’ll see why. You can now find her designs stocked across the globe in cool independent shops, high-end retailers (such as Selfridges(!)), and licensed designs on huge online retailers such as Moonpig and Scribbler. With significant and consistent growth seen year-on-year since leaving her job just 7 years ago. In this episode you’ll find out how, and why, Angela has seen such success with her ever growing business.


Beyond the success, we mostly adore the reason and purpose behind all of Angela’s hard work. To make people happy. Providing illustrations that hopefully help bring a smile in all the situations that life throws at us. 


In the episode we go beyond customer happiness and touch on the extremely important topic of managing mental health as a small business owner. Something that Angela is an advocate of, and something that has transformed Angela’s approach to life and her business. Angela opens up on how, in 2016, she took some massive steps to manage her depression, with the help of routine, exercise and quitting alcohol. This led to Angela setting, and reaching, huge goals in 2017, and most importantly being happier, healthier and more focused than ever before. The advice Angela offers will not only help with those looking to better manage their mental health, but how assessing and making small (or sometimes big) lifestyle changes can have a huge affect on everyone’s success in business.


I would just like to add that Angela is so bloody cool. I hate that word, but she really is. This was the first time we had met and I genuinely felt like I was leaving a pal when we finished up for the day. You all need to check out Angela’s work as you’ll probably see a little more happiness in your life as a result. 

Enjoy guys!

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