S2. E.2 : Anna & Nicola - Cake Drop London

The sisters who are transforming the office cake culture

About CakeDrop London

Just a few short years ago, Anna and Nicola were in corporate roles discussion how awkward, and frankly disappointing, office celebrations can be. From that last minute panic when you realise it’s someones birthday, so you make the dash to the closest shop and grab a pretty sorry looking sponge; to important office meetings that offer a drab looking selection of sweet goods. Why, when there was SUCH an incredible offering of independent artisan bakeries and cake shops in London were offices opting for the most drab options.


Fast-forward to now, and Anna and Nicola have completely transformed the office cake culture. They have created the solution that, inhindsight, was screaming out. These incredible artisan bakeries needed to become convenient, easy and accessible to fast-paced offices. Cue, Cake Drop London.


Cake Drop London is everything we love about a creative business solution, with it’s conscious ability to not only solve the initial problem, but also ensure every part of the business is creating value. Designing a business that is of ultimate value, not just for profit. Not only is Cake Drop London an eco-friendly alternative (you must check out the incredible cake bikes!), it also supports and allows other independent ventures (the bakeries and cake shops) to thrive and compete against the bigger corporation offering cut-prices cakes.


In this Journal, Anna + Nicola talk us through how they got the Cake Drop London to where it is today. Including the realities of running a crowdfunding campaign; how patience has been one of the biggest skills they have learnt along the way as they have grown the business; and how working as sisters has been really easy for them (I am sure there are many sisters out there who can’t quite believe this).


I cannot explain how incredible it was to meet these ladies. They have the most infectious good vibe, which in turn made everyone “behind the scenes” laugh a bit too much during the recording – luckily it didn’t pick up on the mics!


We are extremely excited to see where Anna + Nicola take Cake Drop London, with their combined skill set we know they will make the world a tastier place for us all! I hear the rejoice from everyone based outside London who can’t wait to push aside the supermarket cakes

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