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S3 E4 : Inge Hunter

Can your grow your audience and business on instagram anymore?

In this episode

Be gone are the glory days of scaling an Instagram at pace with relatively minimal effort. Now it feels like you can spend hours in crafting exceptional content, just for it to land straight in the abyss.

In this episode we are joined by Instagram and overall marketing specialist to understand how we can get the spice back in the platform and get some home her top three tips to nail Instagram for business.

We cover:

The mindset shift needed. The platform has changed in purpose, we need to start meeting how it can field our business.

Top three tips:

  1. Choose your lane – go for A grade content and post a few times a week or C grade and keep it regular.
  2. Treat Instagram like a Facebook community. 
  3. Treat followers like potential leads.

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