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S1. E.2 : Claudia - Island Feather

From festival feathers to established lifestyle brand.

About Island Feather

If we were looking for a poster girl for Create Co., Claudia would be it. She’s the epic creator behind Island Feather, the women’s sport and fitness brand specialising in surf, SUP, wake-boarding, running and yoga.


Create Co. is all about lifestyle-led creators who are developing innovative brands and products. Claudia completely embodies this value and turned her own passion for outdoor adventure into a completely innovative and conscious brand.


From it’s early days of festival feathers, Claudia knew where she wanted to Island Feather to be in the future. From trading at festivals with jewellery and feathers, Claudia embraced an opportunity for voluntary redundancy, sought business mentorship, and took the leap to evolve Island Feather to the vision she had always had for the brand.


Island Feather, and the Find Your Freedom tour, is now seen at festivals and major adventure experiences across the UK, and worn by leading athletes in the water sports industry. You may have also spotted Island Feather on Love Island this year, if you paid attention to surfer Lucy (don’t worry we wont make you admit that you watched it).


It was such a pleasure to meet Claudia. She’s SUCH a massive inspiration in how to launch and run a business. Her entire business is experience-led, with the customer completely at its core. With an epic mission to ensure customers are introduced to Island Feather via unique experiences, rather than from a sales-led direction.


If you get a chance, make sure you head to one of the Find Your Freedom events in your area. It’s such a good way to try out a new sport and meet like-minded individuals in the process (whilst laughing at each other wobbling on paddle-boards).


Side Note: With all of the Creator Journals, we begin by finding out the brand journey from idea to today. Then we get some little insider business advice from these epic individuals who have carved their own path and experienced the highs (and some lows).


Note 2: I had a MASSIVE cold during the recording of this episode, so please bear with the very chilled vibes (there was a lot of tea and caramel digestives involved)!