Conscious Clothing Club

 Get Stuff Made x Uncommon club

Expert group led by Design & Manufacturing Expert, Demi Johnson

Join a dedicated community of conscious clothing & accessories founders who are elevating their knowledge & uniting to become a lasting voice of change. 


Slow, consciously-made fashion brands are a huge part of transforming the detrimental narrative of the fashion industry. But with so many innovations and conflicting reports, it can be hard to navigate the path as a brand owner & reach true “sustainable” practice. 

This is your dedicated space to explore sustainable and ethical best practice int he industry and learn from expert masterclasses how to create real, long-term impact with your brand.

This is for you if…

  • You want access to support and information in how to build a sustainable clothing brand.
  • You want to stay ahead and discover future innovations &  initiatives in the industry.
  • Connect to a community of conscious folk and get first hand support and advice from those who are trialling initiatives.
  • Be a part of the change and make positive impact to the fashion industry

In addition…

  • Ideally you will be a clothing and/or accessories brand founder (or aspiring one)
  • The Club welcomes those with developed brands & those in the idea stage.

What to expect

You’ll join an immersive virtual community  for expert knowledge and open discussion. Join Expert Partner, Demi Johnson, guest speakers, and fellow community members to;

  • Learn conscious decision making within your textile brand
  • Learn how to be mindful of the responsibilities you have as a brand owner
  • Gain support and join discussions around what you can do regarding sustainable, environmental, social and ethical practices
  • Gain insight into innovations and initiatives within the textiles industry


  • Virtual community group to connect directly with other conscious clothing founders
  • Quarterly masterclasses hosted by Demi (or guest industry leaders) focused on specific sustainability and ethical practice themes
  • Q&A’s and round tables with Demi to discuss sustainability within your own business
  • News & updates posted within the group

About Demi Johnson (Get Stuff Made)

After spending 7 years working in the clothing industry, learning the skills, gaining experience and building a reliable contact base, I now guide start-up founders in creating their own clothing or accessory brand.

I am passionate about working with brands who are looking to change the current narrative of the fashion industry, by working with brands that value both purpose and profit.