S2. Extra Chapter: How to speak to journalists with Seafoam PR

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Has the noise and demand of social media meant you have skipped PR and traditional methods (think TV, radio, digital & print publications) in your strategy and solely focused on other channels to gain brand awareness?


Does even the thought of gaining PR and putting yourself out there give you an absolute fear fest which makes you avoid it even more?!


We hear you. We’ve all been taught that the media is scary. A place for celebrities to get shamed and outed.


It also seems a little dated, right?


Well, it’s time to change these thoughts.


Traditional marketing methods are still at the forefront of brand awareness and one of the best ways to get in front of your ideal audience.


Just like any other marketing channel, you just have to approach it strategically and confidently. You are interesting and you do have a story to tell, people want to hear about your journey and business purpose.


We first met Charlie (Founder of Seafoam PR) during our COVID lockdown (1.0) support sessions over in The Hangout. Charlie kindly offers 1-2 coaching sessions for group members to open the conversation on communication and traditional media. We quickly found that most, if not all, of the business owners we connected with were not considering traditional media/marketing within their strategy. So we thought it was about time we started the conversation.


This podcast does just that. We hope it sparks those initial thoughts of introducing traditional media methods into your overall marketing strategy.



  • WHAT IS TRADITIONAL MARKETING? Charlie offers a brief overview of what traditional marketing is to remind us of these important channels.

  • IMPACT: How will the use of traditional marketing methods impact your business?

  • DISPEL MYTHS: We dispel the myths that traditional marketing is dated and isn’t targeted. We discuss why it is so important at the brand awareness stage for ultimate brand trust.

  • BIGGEST BARRIERS: What are the biggest barriers that other small businesses present to Charlie when they contact her.

    • Top issues covered…

      • “I’m not interesting enough!” The issue that media is always seen to be for celebrities and business owners further along in their journey.

      • Fear! Even the media themselves are seen as a celebrity force. Talking to journalist that you have seen covering your local news can be daunting.

      • Confidence to shout about yourself.

  • HOW TO SPEAK TO JOURNALISTS: Three tips on how to speak to journalists. As an overview, we open up on….

    • Do your research into the Journalist you will be speaking to.

    • Ensure to are clear on your message

    • Know that you are enough and you do have an interesting story to tell.

  • SUPPORT: We then also briefly touch on (but this could be a WHOLE other episode) – how to deal with the media and attention after an appearance. Both the positive and potentially negative comments (we all know there can be hidden trolls out there that you need to learn to ignore).


I really hope you enjoy this one and it starts your journey into traditional media.

We would love to hear from you and continue the conversation. Leave a comment below, drop us a DM, and let us know your thoughts. Charlie is also very happy to hear your thoughts, concerns, questions, use the details below to get in touch….

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