S3 E3 : Gracie Tyrell - Squirrel Sisters

How to get stocked in over 2000 leading stores

About Gracie Tyrell & Squirrel Sister

From cacao brownie to peanut raspberry, if you have managed to grab a Squirrel Sisters snack, you will know exactly why they have become an award winning food brand. But it goes beyond this, although they have seen great success, they are on a mission to educate and offer truly healthy options to consumers.


From co-founding the company at home with her sister Sophie, you will now see the Squirrel Sisters range in over 2000 leading stores (from Waitrose to Selfridges), but there really has been one hell of a journey to get there. 

In this *live* recording we have an open and honest conversation with Gracie to get a  behind the scenes on what it really takes to go from your kitchen table to the supermarket shelves.

The episode is jam packed with insights, tips and advice on scaling a purpose-led brand and what it’s really like to see your brand on the shelves of major stockists. 

Included in the episode:

  • How the company started and why their mission is so important to the sisters
  • How they approached their first retailers, and the clever tactic they used to stand out against the crowd
  • Tips and advice on branding and what works in the food industry
  • Their biggest marketing success that you can use in your own business
  • The realities of being stocked in major retailers and the underlying costs.

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