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A coming together of conscious fashion founders to become a louder voice of change.

You are carving change and making the industry and more conscious and ethical place. But, we know it’s hard to scale your brand in a world dominated by cheap alternatives. 

We are bringing together the good folk to both help you scale your brand to take up more space in the industry; AND create a movement for long lasting change in the fashion world.

live masterclasses

founder talks

immersive community

digital resources


You’ll enter a fully immersive, diverse mix of leading consultants, conscious leaders, leading ethical fashion founders to help you elevate your brand, mission and vision.


Whether you are just starting out or scaling to the next level, you will find your kinda folk for inspiration, expert knowledge, or simply new like-minded industry pals.

Meet the experts announced so far…

This is for you if…

You are a founder of a fashion and/or accessories brand that is sustainably & ethically conscious. You do not have to be perfect (no one is) but we’re for the good folk championing a quality orientated, slow-fashion ethos. 


You also…

  • Want to see change in the industry and join a wider collective of change to have your voice heard
  • Are looking to elevate your brand to make it a financially stable, successful business venture.
  • Are just starting out in your fashion venture and want to set off on the right foot
  • You want to take your brand to the next level 
  • You are looking to build genuine connections in the industry for support and advice
  • You are looking for continued expert resources and guidance dedicated to fashion folk to scale your brand
  • You are looking to gain support in your slow fashion mission 

You’ll have exclusive access to

  • An immersive community of conscious fashion founders, fair fashion advocates and leading fashion experts. Join conversation, build relationships, and be a feel a part of something for the wild ride.


  • Join monthly live session. From expert masterclasses to scale your brand (from manufacturing to eccomerce), to inspiration founder talks, to engaging conversations on the future of fashion.


  • Gain access to opportunities in the industry. From potential funding to skill swaps – you’ll be at the forefront of industry opportunities.


The Conscious Clothing Club is included in your Club membership