yoga – journalling – meditation

Lifestyle circle for busy creatives, hosted by Amber Badger

Join this dedicated space to press pause, peel back the layers and dissolve into deep rest (away from the hustle and bustle of scaling a creative business).

Join me (Amber Badger) for monthly yoga nidra sessions, regular online yoga classes, journaling workshops and meditative practices.


Amber is a yoga teacher and wellbeing writer inspired by storytelling and creative exploration. She shares her love of yoga, writing and meditation through weekly classes in Hampshire and day retreats and workshops throughout the year.

Her dream is to give people the tools to heal their body, mind and soul using her two greatest passions: movement and words.

This is for you if…

  • You are looking to dedicated space and guidance to restore balance in your world.
  • You are looking to hold more space to rest to unlock creativity
  • You are ready to ditch the feelings of overwhelm and step away from the edge of burn out. 
  • You are interested in wellbeing and looking to connect with likeminded creative souls in a dedciated space.
  • You are looking for regular support and guidance to make sure you take the time for your wellbeing.
  • You are new to yoga and wellbeing practices and want to try out without the pressure.
  • You are already experiences in the wellbeing space but want to develop your practice and meet likeminded folk.

Monthly Nidra Yoga

This group will focus around a monthly online yoga nidra session led by Amber. Here’s anwhat to expect from these regular sessions: 
“Why do we find it SO hard to rest? To give ourselves that vital time to stop, fully, and simply be? Not worrying about what’s on our to do list or where we need to be. Just indulging in quiet time and deep contentment?
Join Amber for monthly online Yoga Nidra. Also known as ‘yogic sleep’ yoga nidra is a state of consciousness (led by a beautiful guided meditation) that dissolves somewhere between waking and sleeping – just 30 minutes is said to be the equivalent of 2 to 4 hours sleep. 
This session is perfect for anyone who wants to reset, rebalance and lower their levels of stress and anxiety.”

Yoga – Journaling – Meditation

Alongside a dedicated monthly yoga nidra session, Amber will occasionally run one-off sessions in well-being. From different style of yoga to guided journalling. 

You will also have full access to a dedicated online space, hosted by Amber, to access replays and additional resources.

All Inner Circles are included in your Club membership