S3 E8 : Jenna O'Keefe

How to reignite your creative spark

In this episode:

Has the new year come and gone and you’re yet to feel that fresh surge of creative motivation? Or have the last few years taken it’s toll and you’re struggling to find the motivation to continue on the once exciting path? In this episode we hear from the brilliant Jenna O’Keefe and get her actionable tips to reignite that spark.


In this episode: 

  • More about Jenna and get journey to become a leading confidence coach, including understanding her own mindset blocks
  • Creative motivation and what’s at the core of losing your spark
  • Tools and tips to stop being demotivated:
  • Tip: Take the emotion and shame out of it. We often make ourselves feel worse as we are in a society where we always need to be productive.
  • Tip: Set the bar low. Stop trying to start at the end and do it all (e.g. if you haven’t been going to the gym, go once, don’t set out to go every day)
  • Tip: Understand your body and your productivity (Cyclical productivity). Stop trying to push through.
  • Tip: Zoom out – look at the bigger picture. Stop letting the small things stop you. Practice patience.
  • Build resilience /confidence. – Learn from failures and don’t hide away if you fail.

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