S3 E6 : Kira Matthews

Can journalling really grow your business?

In this episode

We question whether introducing journalling to your founder routine can really drive your business forward? Journalling has ever rising popularity in the wellness space but what can the impacts be on your business. In this episode we discuss confidence, the power of journalling and Kira offers three powerful prompts to help you move forward.


Episode overview:

Introduction to Kira Matthews and her mission


Confidence as a founder, including:

– How it doesn’t have to be something you hold all the time

– Confidence of being yourself – find your unique strengths and don’t try and embody someone else’s confidence.

– Sometimes confidence doesn’t even matter, it’s about taking steps in fear and growing.


Why journalling is so important


Three journal prompts that may help you scale, including:

– write 7 wins and acknowledge your part in it

– how can the challenges you are facing now help you in achieving your goal

– how is your product/service the best option for your customer – write down 10 reasons

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