S3 E1 : Kat Pither - Yogi Bare

How to change the face of an industry

About Kat Pither & Yogi Bare

Listen to this live episode and hear how Kat turned her own personal experience of isolation in the wellness industry into an iconic brand that welcomes all. 


Embodied in it’s “come as you are” mentality, Yogi Bare has taken the wellness industry by storm. Becoming a leading yoga and wellness apparel brand that changed the face of the industry. Yogi Bare is based on connection, shared experience, and the bringing together of people – this is only happened due to Kat’s vision and exceptional skill (even though she will never think that’s the case as she’s the most humble, lovely soul you’ll ever meet).


We are honoured to hear Kat’s exceptional journey and so grateful for all the invaluable advice she shares for those looking to start or scale a purpose-led brand. 

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