List of Leads

The done-with-you programme to build an email offering your ideal clients can't resist - in just 30 days

Climb out of the algorithm pits + build your own gang of raving fans

The dull, dusty “sign up to my newsletter” days are no more. It’s time to carve a spicy email offering that skyrockets your sign ups. 

are you over getting played by the algorithm game?

If you’ve been solely focusing on social media to build your brand, you might be feeling a little like this rn 👇 


🧋 You’re working hard on content just for the social giants to play the dirty on you again and only show it to 1% of your community


🧋You’re on the verge of crispy burn out after slaving over socials for every single sale


🧋You’re in constant fear that all your hard work building a community may crumble in an instant if you get locked out of your profile one day


🧋You want to unlock more freedom in your business and have your own raving gang of fans



of consumers say email affects purchasing decisions [sales cycle]


is the amount email returns for every £1 spent [litmus]


of consumers prefer email to be the main source of communication with a brand [SnovIO Labs]

You already know email is super important, but it’s not that easy, is it?

I mean…

🥤 You’ve started a list but it’s more gathering dust than a growing list of raving fans

🥤You have some wild ideas of some spicy lead magnets but don’t know where to start with making them a reality

🥤You know an email list is the key to more sales (….and more freedom) but you’ve hit an inspiration wall for what to offer to your email community

🥤 You’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having to be on another channel so you keep letting it slide down the to do list

What if we said it could be easy (& pretty sexy)?

For too long the email game has been pretty dull.

Following the corporate newsletter vibe not only leaves us uninspired, but is a huge turn off to our audience.


We’re here to reignite the creative spark, get you excited about emails, give you the frameworks to simplify your content – and most importantly, give you the strategy to see leads flow into your list with ease.

Imagine this for a second 👇 

In 30 days from now…

⚡️ Gathering a gang over on your email list feels easy and exciting as you’ve finally created an email offering so delicious you can’t wait to share


⚡️You’ve built a spicy freebie that’s supercharging your subscribers


⚡️You’re building a list not just for numbers, but full of ideal clients who are getting a step closer to that sale


⚡️You’re finally getting  out of the algorithm pit & can see subscribers & new leads rolling in on auto

step in….

List of Leads

An intensive, done-with-you programme to build an email offer + visibility strategy that will attract an email list full of ideal clients – all within 30 days.

For creative service providers who want to nail their email list growth in 2024 and curate a stand out email offering that attracts a highly engaged community of ideal clients.


In this focused programme you’ll get direct 1-1 support to curate a highly creative and engaging email offering, a lead-generating freebie your ideal clients will lap up, AND curate a visibility action plan based on strategic frameworks, that attracts potential leads, not just numbers.


You’ll have the elements you need to get excited about email again, and not only build your own gang, but engage with them with ease.

Price & Payment Plan

Exclusive *limited* Beta offer only available for May / June Programme

You have the opportunity to grab a one-time exclusive 50% discount by joining on the BETA programme starting in May [limited to just 4 space].

This BETA programme runs from mid-May to the end of June, so you also gain a few additional weeks of support for free.

Next availability (after BETA)

July 2024 : £550 (Early bird discount – 4 space available)

August 2024 : £550 (Early bird discount – 4 space available)

Exclusive BETA Price

May / June start only
£ 375
  • 1 x 1-1 weekly calls for 4 weeks
  • In-depth personalised strategy session to build your email offering & lead-gen
  • In-depth visibility strategy session
  • Guidance in automated sign up functions including on-page & Many Chat
  • Tech support to bring your lead gen to life
  • Voxer support between calls
  • Payment plan: £190 deposit + £185 before kick off

Let’s get into the nitty gritty 👇 

Part One ➾ Curate an irresistible offering

We’ll kick off by digging deep into strategy so you have the foundations to draw in new sign ups in the long term. Without having the fundamentals in place, you’ll find driving sign ups a continuous slog. We’ll dig deep into your offering and your audience, to;

Curate a creative email offering that sells itself

We’re not just here for short term sign ups, we’re here to help you get excited and creative with your email offering. 

We’ll have an in-depth strategy session and creative brainstorm to carve a killer email offering that you can’t wait to share – and you audience can’t resist.

You’ll have a stand out, unique theme aligned with your brand, and some content ideas to write and design your own emails with ease.

 Your audience will know what they can expect + you’ll have a structure to make it happen.

Build a super spicy lead magnet that skyrockets your sign ups 

Next, we’ll plan out a lead magnet that not only skyrockets sales, but actually gets your clients one step closer to the buying stage.

Lead gens can actually turn off your audience (I know, right!) – but we’ll share all the detailed frameworks to create a freebie that actually works (and you can use for developing future freebies).

Part Two ➾ Grow Your List

Now we have the foundations in place, it’s time to get those sign ups rolling in with a visibility strategy & structured action plan that will drive sign ups on autopilot

Set up sign ups on auto

It’s time to set yourself up so your email list grows whilst you’re taking that afternoon nap.

We’ll give you the knowledge to set up your digital space so it’s a one-and-done thing. 

Create a plan to feed the sign up fire

Once we’ve got the auto set up, it’s time to unleash the frameworks to supercharge your list with ease. Including content tips and easy sharing that doesn’t induce a deep ick.
Tbh, because you have a wild offering in place, you’ll be raring to go to share it with your gang.

We do this all within 30 days so you start building an engaged list full of leads by the end of the month

 * We also offer to option to space the programme over 60 days if you need a little extra time.

Note: this is an email strategy programme and not a content writing offering. We’ll give you the tools to write your emails with ease, if you need a little extra help with have a great team of copywriters to support you.

Why this programme is so powerful

Strategy ➾

This isn’t just guess work. 

We’ll work together to build an email offering, spicy lead magnet, and visibility plan based on strategic frameworks that not only drive sign ups from your ideal clients – but helps them to the next stages of buying from you. 

This isn’t just for the short term. You’ll have all the knowledge you need to continue to fire up your sign ups for years to come.


No more time-wasting. It’s time to take focused, aligned action.

After each strategy session you’ll have the confidence and structured guidance to action with ease. 

No more going round in circles, we’ll make those plans happen in just 30 days.


No more leaving building your email list to the bottom of your to do list. 

It’s easy to let it slide when there’s other things to do, but you’re leaving profit and freedom on the table.

We’re here to make sure you make it happen, with continued support, focus, and even the tech support to go live.

What’s the timeline

Strategy Session 1 | Nail your email offering + lead magnet

An in-depth 1-1 session to nail a stand-out offering & engaging lead magnet.

Action Check in & Tech support

A 90 minute call to support in any barriers faced in building your lead gen + the tech support to get it live

Strategy Session 2 | Visibility to build your list

Now you have your offer and lead gen ready to go, it's time to hash out a plan to skyrocket your subscribers.

Action Check in & Tech support

With everything ready to go, this is our final call to iron out final parts before you get all eyes on your email list

a little more detail 👇 

  • Approx 2-3 hours live 1-1 strategy call. 
  • Follow up information.

The big one. 

We’ll deep dive into your business and carve out an epic email offering and lead generation concept based on a strategy that works for your unique business.

We’ll give you the secret sauce as to what an engaging lead generating freebie looks like, and curate a structured email offering so writing your future emails will be a breeze.

Don’t let the word strategy scare you. We’ll keep things super creative, get the ideas flowing, and you’ll leave hyped as you’ll start to see an email offering that not only inspires you, but will drive more customers your way.

  • 90 minute virtual support call.

    Following on from week 1, you will have two weeks to build out the lead generation freebie we set out in the strategy call. 

We’ll meet half way so you can get all the support in making it a reality (e.g. tech support, proof reading etc.).

We recommend spending week one creating the content, and week two (after the call) designing the offering/uploading etc.

  • Two hour strategy call
    It’s now time to start attracting the leads to your list. 

Using the spicy offering, and super engaging lead generator you’ve created, we’ll set out a visibility plan to start driving leads to your list.

This session will be made up of:

  • Guidance in setting up for evergreen automated sign ups
  • Feed the fire content plan to drive sign ups in bursts.

Our final call together – but an exciting one! It’s time to get your new offering and freebie out to the world!

Your chance to iron out any last details and finalise everything we have worked on over the last 30 days 💥 

I’m on hand during this session to give you the confidence to go all out & see the leads fly in.


It is a done-with-you, 1-1, programme to give your the strategic frameworks to build an email list full of leads. 

We are on a mission to help you drive more sales, and gain more freedom. 

Focusing on email marketing can be the ultimate key to unlocking this – and to getting away from making every sale on Instagram. But you need to be aware of how to effectively grow a list that isn’t just empty numbers, but fills with your ideal clients.

You will come away with immediately with a creative and unique email offering, lead magnet, and a visibility plan to gain new leads. 

In the long term – you will have the knowledge and frameworks to continue to build upon your list for many years to come.

Although there are some similarities, email marketing between service and product based businesses varies a lot. 

We want to give maximum impact, so this is solely focused on service based strategies.

We may open up a product based offering soon though! 

We essentially work together to ensure you take the action needed to curate and build your email list. 

We offer strategic direction, guidance, frameworks, action lists during two in-depth calls. 

After each call, you will go away and action the steps we have decided in the calls. 


All actions will be clearly set out and you will get full support with live calls between the two strategy calls (including technical set up support), and continued Voxer support.

While we can’t guarantee specific results because success depends on various factors including your implementation and audience engagement, our program is meticulously designed to equip you with the tools and strategies needed to build a compelling email offering and effectively generate leads.

By following our proven methodologies and putting in the effort, you’re setting yourself up for success and increasing the likelihood of attracting valuable email sign-ups.

Yes, yes and yes. 
This programme is perfect for either new starters who want to hit the ground running, or established founders who want to move their community to email (to stop the social algorithm games).

If you have an established list, and you are now looking for more advanced, automated flows this isn’t for you. But this might be a service coming soon 👀 .