S2. E.6 : Lucy Hitchcock - Sassy Digital

Ditching the 9-5 to make the digital marketing world a whole lot sassier

About Lucy Hitchcock

It didn’t take long for Lucy to realise that there was much more out there for her than the corporate agency life. After being consistently told to stay late and miss birthdays, and important life events, Lucy took that leap to take back control of her own life.


Initially she went to work part-time for renowned food blogger, Madeleine Shaw and added to her already established digital skill set whilst building the foundations of her own venture, Sassy Digital.


Lucy set out to shake the negative connotations of a digital agency and completely flip it on its head. Creating a completely personal, quality, and unique digital marketing service that became an extension of her clients team. At its core, Lucy wanted to ensure everyone had the chance to access the digital marketing services they needed, from a bespoke package, to free guidance on her blog “Sassy Bites”. She would keep her internal team small, and then outsource work to hand-selected freelancers that would perfectly match the services her clients need.


Lucy soon attracted clients, from personal branding projects to social media management. But, as Lucy is very open to admit, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. There were hard times when start-up cash-flow was tight, retainer clients (long-term clients that offer a regular payment) were lost, and Lucy considered on many occasions to give up in those early and go back to a stable career that would be “easier” (and would bring in a lot more money in those early days!).


But, Lucy (and her family) had said she would stick it out for 5 years to see where it could go. AND THANK GOD SHE DID. Lucy turned a massive corner as she onboarded some huge clients, that has lead to Lucy leading the way in the marketing of emerging fashion brands. She is the go-to person for stand out fashion branding and e-commerce that has combined Lucy’s two loves and carved her dream career path. Of course, Sassy Digital works across other various sectors, but surely it seemed so fitting that a sassy businesses ended up in fashion!


What does she put this success down to? Well, people. Lucy lets us in on why face-to-face human connection, friends (special shoutout to her best mate & fellow Founder Natalie of Stay Wild Swim), and moving close to those networks has been the ultimate game changer for her. Proving that although she specialises in digital marketing, growing a business is ALL about human connection.


Lucy is SO open about the ups and downs of starting and successfully growing a business, and my god, it’s so refreshing. We will all have those days where we want an easier ride, but with determination, a strong work ethic, and hangouts in Soho House* (*this may not apply to all) you’ll power through and eventually carve a dream career.


Oh, and if you’ve seen Lucy’s work with brands such as Stay Wild Swim, but haven’t quite got the budget for the full Sassy service yet – well Lucy has your back. She’s launched the ultimate range of guides, templates and bespoke logos so everyone can access a bit of the Sassy magic.


**Please note – we recorded this episode in a quiet meeting room in London. But, we didn’t counter in that it would be the home of the world’s largest and noisiest aircon machine. What ever we tried to quiet the beast it just got angrier! SO please acceot our apologies for the hum in the background