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5 simple steps to ditch the confusion & get your brand seen




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Do you feel like you’re constantly chasing your tail when it comes to marketing your business? 


You have a standout product/service, you’ve set yourself up on a few channels, but getting traction in building an audience and securing those important sales, seems like an all time-consuming battle.


This masterclass is for you. 


I’ll show you 5 simple strategic marketing steps to save time, money and most importantly, see results. This masterclass will not be about short-term, confusing tactics, but long-term change in the way you approach marketing.



You’ll come away….

Session structure

1. Why marketing your creative business can seem overwhelming – and why it doesn’t have to be.

2. What actually IS marketing in the modern world

3. *The big one* – we’ll share our expert strategic advice to start seeing long-term success with marketing in 5 simple, actionable stages.  

4. We’ll through in a couple of 2022 marketing tactics as an extra 

Session host

Kimberly Spiers

CIM Accredited Digital Marketer & BSc Psychology (Hons) gradaute.

Hey, I’m Kimberly (Digital Marketer and Founder of Uncommon Folk & Club). I’ll be guiding you through this free hour workshop to help you get clear on marketing your creative or lifestyle business. 



I’m a firm believer in taking the confusion out of marketing, and breaking down complex marketing strategies into easy actionable stages. 



This workshop won’t be a short-term tactic session that will just make you more confused and overwhelmed – but set you up with the solid foundations to change the way you approach marketing.  We’ll delve into buyer behaviour and what you actually need to do to draw people to your brand – in a simple, easy to action way. 

I can’t wait to see you in the session!

Are you ready to start saving time, saving money, and start making sales (without any form of cringe)….


This session is a taster of the style of sessions hosted within Uncommon Club. The space for lifestyle-led, passion-driven founders, freelancers & authentic thinkers come to connect, collaborate &  build a life on their own terms.


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