Affiliate Partner Programme

Have you ever wanted to share your unique creative skill or bring together a community – but you haven’t got the platform to build genuine connections or the time to run a full stand-alone membership?


Uncommon Club brings together leading creative minds and provides a platform for creator-creator skill-share, support & curious conversations.



Share your unique knowledge, indulge in shared passion, bring together a community, and become a part of a growing movement to change the narrative of following the uncommon path.



…all whilst making semi-passive income in the process.



Make semi-passive income from Uncommon Club 🪐🌞

We have a wild opportunity for you to grow (or support) your own Inner Circle community within the Club.


With varying levels of partnership available, you are able to choose a style that would work for you. 


From having the opportunity to lead your own mini-membership, to supporting in building engaging spaces inside the Club, you will be a driving force in building diverse Inner Circle communities and helping creatives fulfil their dreams.


Without the pressure


What’s best, there’s no pressure of a stand-alone membership, no stressful tech build, the big admin workload. You are free to share your creative skill with ease.


What’s more, as members get access to Inner Circle communities, you can share a niche skill, with low workload, without having to provide the content of a full membership.


We’re not just looking for business experts, we’re building a melting pot of creative, lifestyle and of course business groups to help our members build a thriving way of life. 

Make recurring revenue 

Gain a share of the membership fee via an affiliate payment

We are on a mission to help creatives become financially free. So alongside all the other benefits of joining as a partner, you will join our affiliate programme as be rewarded for the members you attract into the Club. 

Instead of going to investors, we want creatives to benefit from the community.

Our partners work together to bring their external communities into our shared, collaborative space. For every member you attract into the Club, you will be rewarded with an affiliate payment (% dependant on level – see below)


Discover the different levels available to you within the Creative Partner Programme.


The different levels offer you the opportunity to get involved in a way and style that suits you.

Each level comes with a  different time commitment and affiliate percentage. We are happy to discuss these with you if you have made an application of interest. 


Lead an Inner Circle within the Club (either your very own or join team of other creative minds) 🪐

Join as a team of creative minds or lead your very own community within the Club (essentially you’ll have the opportunity to build your very own dreamy mini membership in the Club). 

As an expert partner, you will be a leading force in making your group an engaging + interesting place to hang out. 

As part of this level, you will also offer unique live sessions throughout the year to share your skill, passion or interest.

Don’t worry, unlike your own stand-alone membership, you won’t have to be on the content hamster wheel. We are all about quality over quantity, and building lots of different opportunities for our members.

From quarterly masterclasses, to co-working, to creative skill-share, and live Q&A’s – we will help you set out a really engaging offer that works for you and gives our members a unique experience.

Approx time commitment: Minimum 1-2 hours a week (average)

(Limited, application only)


Start the conversation + help us build this epic community 🌞 

If you don’t fancy hosting live sessions, but you do want to get involved in the community then this level is for you.

Our community partners help us ensure we have a range of creative voices, bring the chats, and help make the Club the most delicious melting pot of engaging conversations + inspiration.


Share musings, interesting articles, your own journey and interact with members in the group.

No live sessions, just here for the chats.

Approx time commitment: Minimum 30 mins-1 hour a week (average)


(Limited, application only, mainly for those with engaged external communities)

Raving fan

Coming soon 👀 

Just want to shout about the Club to all your creative business pals?


There’s something coming for you!


{Open to members only}


The Club is not only about building a thriving business but also carving a wild way of life.



So our Inner Circles do just that. We are looking for Partners to open spaces across the board, making the Club a mecca of business, action, creativity, and shared passion.


You may already have a community building on social and you’re looking for a platform to host them, or you have a creative skill that would be perfect to contribute as part of a team, the type of offering is endless.


Here’s just an idea of what we are planning, but we are very open to your ideas…





A few examples to help get your juices flowing….

Business Inner Circles 💼 

(team & solo opportunities)

  •  Leading creative marketers to join our Creative Marketing Hub (including 
  • Operations & Systems gurus
  • E-commerce experts 
  • Goal setting / Accountability – to host regular sessions live or in the feed to keep our members on track
  • Confidence / Mindset mentors 

Connection Inner Circles 👐


  • Creative Co-working – irl & online (this could be by industry, location etc)
  • Creative skill-share e.g. designers sharing a particular skill with the community
  • Creative planning and action sessions – creating space for creatives 
  • Nomad connection groups – E.g. Sri Lanka Nomads, Bali Nomads. We’re looking for people to kick off some groups to connect those who are working on the go.

Creative & Lifestyle 

Inner Circles 🌊 

  • Van lifers
  • Book Clubs (business & non-business)
  • Girls That Hike
  • Wave riders (surf & water enthusiasts)
  •  A Space for Nomads
  • Yoga, breath-work & meditation
  • 6AM wild swimmers
  • Art groups

These are just a snippet of ideas. We want to hear from creative minds to hear new and exciting Circles that could enhance our members experience.


All of our partners are carefully hand-selected to ensure we provide an aligned offering, our members access epic folk, and that all our our groups are engaging places to be (we’re avoiding ghost 👻 groups).

Before you send us your ideas, make sure you check out our criteria (this not only helps our members, but also ensures you will get the very best from the Club). 

  • You’re an “Uncommon Folk” yourself. You’re a lifestyle-led creative soul and driven by purpose. You will also be able to understand what out members are seeking through lived experience of following your own purpose.
  • You have a community of “Uncommon Folk”. Our partners bring their own communities to the space, so we need to ensure the right kinda folk will be joining the gang. If you surround yourself with creative & lifestyle folk then you’re spot on.
  • You’re dedicated to our mission to support creative folk. This is a lucrative opportunity for a small selection of folk, we need to ensure all our partners are aligned with our mission to  support  a global community of free-folk.


We want to reward our creative partners for supporting fellow creatives and helping us change the narrative on following a creative path.

We could go to investors to help scale the vision, but we want to provide an opportunity for creatives to thrive and gain financial reward. 

There are many benefits to bringing your community to the Club and positioning yourself as an expert in the space.

  • {Partner level dependant} Percentage of the member fee for every member you attract into the Club (via an affiliate method). 
  • Free membership to the Club (for Expert + Community members only)
  • Access to all the Club offerings (you receive full member status)
  • The ability to add an offering to your business structure, without having to build a full membership yourself.


  • Showcase your skills and discover new clients as they get to full experience your skills before investing in your products/services.


  • Join the Partner fam – connect with leading creatives.


  • {Coming Soon} Training to help you scale your group in the Club.


Have we go your creative thoughts flowing? We would love to hear from you.

If you have some ideas on what you can share with our community AND it’s an ideal opportunity for your business then fill out our basic interest/application form 👇