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Only you have the power to write your own story. It’s time to make it a wild one.


The powerful planner/journal hybrid designed to skyrocket your vision in one year. Based on the highs, lows, lessons learnt method, you will will have 4 x 12 week sprints to strategically plan and chase the wins in the short term, and also have the ultimate detailed log of your wild ride to keep for years to come.

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Carving your own path & scaling a creative business is one helluva ride.

So much happens and changes on a daily basis. From the highs and wild opportunities, to the days you need a little reminder of the reasons why, it’s easy to lose track and forget just how far you’ve come as you move quickly to the next priority.

This design-led journal/planner hybrid will become your ultimate accountability, motivational, and strategic tool, whilst also allowing you to reflect and remember your journey.

Based on a high/low/lessons learnt method, the journal focused on the small wins to reframe your mindset and keep you seeking the regular small wins. It then helps you utlise this mindset to plan and prioritise on a weekly basis to stay on track and achieve your long term goals.

As you track the huge wins & those daily highs, you will form a long-term record of your unique journey. Becoming a keepsake for many years to come.

Designed for busy creatives, we’ve carefully curated the journal to achieve all this in just 5-10 minutes a week.


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Cover material | Premium ultra soft faux leather (feels super soft and silky)

Inner pages | 288 sides of 100gsm crisp white paper.

Structure | Undated so you can start the journal when is right for you. (see full details of what’s inside below). Yearly, quarterly, weekly design.

Dimensions | 21cm x 16cm x 2.3cm

Colour | French beige (soft sand/beige/ light grey – looks slightly different in different lights)

Artist Design

When practicality meets pure beautiful design. We are so privileged to have worked with UK artist and illustrator, Clara Jonas, to create a bespoke illustration as the embossed cover design.


You will have your own little piece of Clara’s work to brighten up your desk or studio space.

Take a tour inside

We’ve carefully structured the journal to ensure you have the ultimate planning & reflecting tool for one year of growing your creative venture. Building a business is about building living on your own terms, so the journal also has space to plan & track personal ventures alongside the work to really make it a year to remember.

The journal is for those with limited time, you will be guided through weekly updates to record the ride with minimal effort.



This is the fire in your belly stuff. The purpose behind it all. List your whys and head back here on those tougher days to remind yourself why you began.



Plan, manifest and structure the year ahead. Clarify where you want to be and use the year ahead to get there.

~ Business intentions

~ Money and personal goals



To make it super easy for you to plan, reflect and remember the ride, we have broken the year into four quarterly sections. Each quarterly section includes;

~ Quarterly business, personal and money goals

~ Monthly planning breakdown

~ Notes/Sketches page

~ 12  x weekly planning & to-do (double page)

~12 x week reflections – the big one, this is where you write your story as you live it (double page).

~ Quarterly reflections



Do you have a gazillion new ideas a day? Yeah, we hear you. This is your space to jot down all the new ideas/thoughts/juicy schemes/inventions you have over the year. Some will make the cut, others will create some lols at the end of the year.



Each week you have the opportunity to record the highs, but some of those highs will stand out more than others. 

This section is to record the ultimate highs as you go (or the teeny ones that give that buzz!) and easily look back and soak up all the good times whenever you need it.



The space to look back and review the ride over the last year. What were the ultimate highs, who did you meet through building your venture, what lessons did you learn along the way? 

We can assure you, there will be A LOT to remember. It may have seen a blur but you’ll have a wild time reading back through your journal & remembering the ride.



After looking back on all the good times from the last 365 days you’ll be SO ready to start the next. What’s the plan for the next year…?!

And there you have it. In the short term the ultimate planning and accountability tool. In the long term, the ultimate keepsake is to remember every chapter of the wild ride.


Note: The 4 x 12 week (dateless) design leaves 4 weeks for quarterly planning and/or for your own breaks. Allowing you flexibility to start your journal when is right for you.

Our social responsibility

From product to packaging, it is extremely important to us that your journal is as kind to the planet as possible.

Tree Planting

For every 20 journals purchased we will pay for one tree via the National Trust. They aim to plant an additional 20 million trees by 2030 so your purchase supports their mission.

Long lasting

Your journal is built to be a long-term record of your journey. If stored correctly (cool, dry place away from direct light), your journal should live on for years to come (and won't be adding to landfill).


We are dedicated to sourcing packaging that is as kind to the planet as possible (whilst also being divine to receive). You can recycle all of the packaging including the parcel tape (only exception is the postage sticker that will need to be removed first). The filler material is biodegradable made from GM starch that will dissolve in water or can be placed in the compost bin.

Delivery & Returns


We are only able to deliver to the UK (unfortunately, delivery costs are too high for other countries ~sob~). We will wrap and deliver your journal to the Royal Mail within 48 hours (absolute delivery times will be determined by Royal Mail delivery demands).


We think you'll love your new super smooth creamy new journal but if for any reason you are unhappy with your product, please contact hello@uncommon-folk.com.

Please contact within 14 days of receiving your product and the journal should be returned in the condition it was delivered in (you will be responsible for return postage costs).