S3 E5 : Rachel Murphy - Women + Waves

How passion for riding the waves led t major brand collabs (like H&M & RIPCURL)

About Rachel Murphy & Women + Waves

From growing up on the coastline of Cornwall, Rachel always had an unbreakable love for surfing and the ocean. Starting solely as a passion, Rachel never set out to make a business out of her love for the waves, but after growing a local community of female surfers she quickly saw the need to more support in the surfing community for women. That’s where Women + Waves was born. 


The brand is now a global surf collective helping women either advance their knowledge or pick up a board for the first time, in a supportive, safe community.

This highly engaged, wild community has since attracted leading brands of H&M and Ripcurl to join the movement and collab on apparel and community projects. 


In this episode we discover the raw reality of what it takes to scale a lifestyle brand, and find out (what we all want to know) what it is really like to get that call from H&M?!


What to expect in this episode:

  • How it all began – defying tradition and following your true passion
  • The start of the community – how to build a really engaging community online and off line
  • The H&M collaboration – how it happened and what it’s like to work with a major brand
  • When Covid hit – how they continued the community through a global pandemic
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome int eh lifestyle industry
  • The challenges as a founder
    Her top tips for other founders

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