S2. E.4 : Sophie Rose Brampton

From a fashion degree to illustrating a new generation of feminist thinking

About Sophie Rose Brampton

Sophie’s story is one packed with underlying personal purpose. Purpose that eventually become her ultimate identity as a brand and what made her stand out from the rest.


We first got in contact with Sophie to see if she’d be keen to design the artwork for this podcast. Thankfully, she agreed! She was the ultimate dream to work with, and by scrolling through her work and seeing all the massive brands Sophie is now linked to, we knew we had to find out how she did it.


Again, we were pretty thankful when Sophie agreed again! But, she made it pretty clear that she wanted to share the reality behind where she is now. Although she has over 28k follower on IG, she has only just taken the leap to be completely full-time as an illustrator.


Sophie’s story is SO inspiration, and one that so many people can benefit from. With many creatives supporting their growth with part-time roles, Sophie describes how having part-time work is nothing to be embarrassed of, it’s essential to keep your creative career going, and can actually be beneficial to keeping you on track. A secure, stable income from creative business can take time, and in order to make it, you have to support it.


From her degree in Fashion (taken from people pushing her towards more “career-focused industries at the time), Sophie always had a passion for promoting feminism and breaking many taboos. Little did she know, that those early University projects would be what defined her design style in years to come and see her build a career from a creative passion that, in those early days, she thought was massively out of sight.


Fast-forward to now, and Sophie has worked with huge companies such as SkinnyDip London, Misguided and Durex, to name just a few. Her style is now well and truly cemented in the modern feminist movement, with her designs defining a new generation of thinking. Sophie is now being snapped up by major brands for live event illustrations, so we’re excited to see who she works with next as she evolves her business in this direction.

We had an awesome time catching up with Sophie to find out how she has gone from a fashion degree to taking the leap to move to London to follow her passion for design; and how she supported the growth of her business in those early days.


Sophie shares some real insights as to what she’s learnt from being self-employed; from the need to make friends in the industry, to learning how to price her work.


Thanks again Sophie, we’ll be hitting you up soon for some more design work!

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