Rise Against the Algorithm

Video Content Kickstarter for Authentic Creatives

18th – 22nd July 2022

Is your engagement in a bit of a slump right now?

Have you lost that creative spark with all the changes in content?

Do you feel like you moving towards trends and losing your authentic voice?

Don’t worry, we got you. 

We are rising against the algorithm and reigniting the love of creating creative, authentic content again. 


We’re here to change the narrative (no dance moves to learn here) and show you that video content can not only work for you, but it can completely align with your brand values.


You will be given a week of strategic prompts to help offer guidance; the tools to help you create; and inspiration from creators who are ditching the dance moves for original creativity.

Pre-session prep

We’ve posted all the prompts in advance so you can have everything ready and avoid the dreaded last-minute-content scrabble. 

The main purpose is to boost your confidence in using video, but we also want to make it strategic. So here’s what you should prep before hand…

🧿 Define your focus: The short-form daily sessions will be focused around showcasing one key project or product.


This could be a real-world project you are/have worked on, a passion project, a particular product or product line…whatever works for your business.


Before the week begins, make sure you have a project/product defined and all web pages ready to go.


Example: if you are a designer focusing on a passion project, make sure you have created the project and uploaded as a portfolio online (with appropriate links from social channels). 


Tip: Before you define your project make sure you read through all the daily prompts as it’s likely you will be able to create all your content during the creation of the project.

🧿 Confirm channels: This challenge allows you to select your social channels AND helps you repurpose content across channels (think reels/tiktok crossovers). Before you start, confirm the channels you are using to support the style of content you’ll need.

🧿 Follow the hashtag: Tag #uncommonfolk in all your posts so other creatives can discover you and you can engage with others.

The creative prompts.

The introduction

Show your stuff




Monday 18th July.

The introduction

~ About the Founder or team / Purpose Behind Your Brand / Start Up Story ~

CTA recommendations (what you want your audience to do after watching your video): Visit about page, comment below {linking to a specific element of your caption}.


This type of content will really drive your engagement and build trust with your audience. People are looking to make deeper connections with brands and as a small business this is where you hold all the power. 


Let people get a real feel for you as a person and why you started, this could include…


The story so far, why you started your brand, re-introduce yourself, a catch up on what you are working on behind the scenes, a little snippet into you/your passions as a person.


Tips: Think about shared passions with your audience. By triggering a shared connection you will automatically start a deeper connection.

** We have added example to all prompts to help guide you and share fellow creatives. We do not own the rights to any of the videos, full credit in watermarks.

Tuesday 19th July

show your stuff

CTA: Visit web pages that show all details of the project or products.


Share a video of the finalised project or product line. Do not sell, this is simply a way of “showing” your audience what you do in motion rather than telling them.


If you are a product provider, focus on one specific product or product line (Keeping it targeted to reduce overwhelm and increase audience focus). Ideally showcase the product in “action” so the viewer can really feel the lifestyle your product can bring.


If you are a service provider this could be a finalised passion project, a previous client project you have worked on, or your service in action (e.g. if you’re a yogi you could show a 7pm Hatha class in action). 

Wednesday 20th July


Now it’s time to bring even more depth and build stronger trust with potential clients. 

Show the behind the scenes of how the project/product line (as showcased above) came to life. 

This will help show the time, dedication and unique skill behind the final product. 

Ideally this will just be a short video capturing the different stages of the process, including elements that people may not expect.

The audience are much more likely to take notice of the project itself once they know the back story.

Thursday 21st July


Because you really don’t have to be an established videographer to make good short form content. 


Short, unedited (or limited editing) videos can be just as impactful as more detailed edited videos. 


Film a short of you at work, this could be anything from a part of the creation process, packing an order, little touches that you do with orders, practicing your skill or showcasing a skill (one for you yogis).


Time lapses are perfect for this. An easy way to capture a process with an engaging short-form result.

Get creative with these but try not to overthink. Once you get into a routine of this style of video you will easily be able to create consistent video content for your brand.


Keep the final edit to under 10 seconds.

Friday 22nd July.


This is the juicy saveable stuff.


This might just seem like it’s suitable for service providers, but get creative with it. 

What industry advice can you offer that would be of interested to your community and help position you as industry leaders? How can the customer care for your product to make it long-lasting? Is there a really juicy hack you can offer that no one knows about?