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S3 E2 : Bianca Cross (Mindful Market)

Three ways we can drive sustainable change without the overwhelm.

About Bianca Cross & Mindful Market

After many conversations over Zoom, I have finally managed to get Bianca on the pod to chat all things “mindful” shopping, consumerism, shop small and how we can be the driving force of change. 


This is very much an open conversation that I hope sparks thought into your own passion for change, and I welcome you to continue to the conversation in our DM’s if anything triggered a new perspective.


Often as small business owners we are faced with the pressure to fix a problem that has been driven by retail giants (we discuss in the ep). So we are looking at where we are now, and get all the juicy tips on how we can part of a driving force for good without the overwhelm and pressure to be “perfect”. 




Mindful Market UK is a marketplace that connects conscious and responsible shoppers to small businesses that ensure that they follow mindful practices within their work that enables us to shop mindfully and consciously from them with confidence. 


We only work with brands that are small or independent, pay attention to and limit the impact they have on the planet, work ethically and inclusively, or bring real benefits to our mental health and wellbeing. 


We recognise that although the response to sustainability and ethical shopping is increasing and that people do want to be part of creating positive change in this world, it is not as accessible or readily available as it could be and so the Mindful Market works to bring you the best of mindful businesses that you can shop from easily and accessibly to help you vote with your wallet and shop for the greater good! 


We are here for those people looking to shop more responsibly and contribute towards greater change within sustainability and for the benefit of our planet, greater representation and inclusivity, and for greater support with mental health and wellbeing! 

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