S2. E.1 : Kat Williams - Rock and Roll Bride

From personal wedding planning to amazon #1 best selling author

About Rock and Roll Bride

This journal started in one of our all time favourite ways. No, not from an engagement (although it’s a pretty good way start to any business), but from a pure creative innovator seeing a unique gap in a very big and competitive market, and filling it with something we all can’t believe wasn’t there before.


After Kat got engaged back in 2008 she started to plan her wedding, but after a very short amount of time became jaded by what was out there. Kat quickly realised that the wedding industry at the time focused on a particular type of bride and only really seem to offer more “traditional” inspiration. She saw the massive gap in the market for couples looking for alternative options, inspiration and advice. So, she ran with it, and Rock n Roll Bride was born.


Kat has gone from balancing a full-time job whilst launching and growing the Rock n Roll bride blog; to taking the leap and now working full-time from home running a hugely successful global company with her Husband. A company that has grown from its origins of a globally successful wedding blog to a hugely popular alternative wedding magazine; an Amazon list-topping book; and now an innovative live wedding event.


Kat has not only grown a company but a strong community of brides seeking more from their wedding day. As of February 2020 Kat has grown a community of….


97.4k Instagram followers

241,363 Facebook followers

14,805 Facebook group members


Not bad, huh.


We chat to Kat and find out just how she went from sharing her own alternative wedding plans to running a global company with her husband (and, of course, her cats!).


Kat gives valuable insight into her success, putting it down to a number of factors, including, but not limited to; growing her ideas and business in a slow, steady and consistent manner; finding your business niche and being very specific about your message and who you are talking to; and listening to your gut when outside influence tries to take your business in a slight different way to what you feel is right, even if it means taking a huge gamble. Oh, and having a business partner as your Husband, who can not only bring another element to the business, but also offer that important personal support.


This is not just one for those in the wedding industry. Far from it. Kat’s journey and insights can be reflected across many creative industries, with valuable advice for anyone looking to grow their creative concept from an initial passion idea.


We adore Kat. Her honesty about running a business, her hard-working ethos (but without the need to tell everyone), and her passion for building a business that really helps people.


A huge thanks to Kat for joining us – we’re so excited to see Kat’s future plans. Everything she puts her name to always ends up to be epic!


[P.s. You can find more info and grab tickets to Rock n Roll Live here. If you’re reading this before the Rock n Roll Bride Live event – be sure to check our Instagram for a special Create Co. discount code!]

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